When a political party talks of development, it often talks of roads, ports, GDP growth, stock markets, agriculture, exports and international trade, among other issues. To the BJP, however, development is all this and much more. At its core, the BJP’s concept of progress means Indians experiencing change that enables them to fulfil their potential trigger an overall improvement in their daily lives and well-being. With this primary agenda, the party that’s armed with an incorruptible and progressive leadership aims to transform and empower the weakest and the most neglected sections of Indian society, without any biases for caste, creed or religion.

Today, the BJP is the only political party in India that respects merit and follows true secularism that says ‘Justice and development to all, appeasement to none’.

As our party’s prime-ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi ji has already emphasised working on the principle of ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’ should BJP form the government in New Delhi. The Government’s role and involvement in non-essential sectors will be reduced; cutting red tape and the bureaucratic license raj will be an article of faith. These have impeded our growth and bred corruption.

Some of the changes we propose are very fundamental and basic, but will lead to India taking off in a high-growth trajectory. For instance, we will reward area and domain experts in the field of policy making that will ensure that the problems of today and the distant future are already accounted for. India once used to be called the ‘Golden Bird’ because of its indigenous production base and self-reliance; we will bring such policies that take us back on the path of being self-reliant in manufacturing, defence, agro-processing and allied services sector among others. Today’s India is a young India, where the people are willing to work hard with an assurance of being masters of their own destiny. Our model of development will let them write their own destinies, where even the weakest Indian has a just and fair chance of making it big through sheer dedication and determination.

This is the idea of development that the BJP envisages. A united nation where every citizen gets an equal share of opportunities; where merit and hard work is respected. Each citizen is an agent of economic change and productivity. As 1.25 billion such economic agents work together as a single well-oiled machinery, there will be no milestone beyond reach.