Core Issues


When a political party talks of development, it often talks of roads, ports, GDP growth, stock markets, agriculture, exports and international trade, among other issues. To the BJP, however, development is all this and much more. At its core, the BJP’s concept of progress means Indians experiencing change that enables them to fulfil their potential trigger an overall improvement in their daily lives and well-being. With this primary agenda, the party that’s armed with an incorruptible and progressive leadership aims to transform and empower the weakest and the most neglected sections of Indian society, without any biases for caste, creed or religion. … Read more


Security isn’t only what soldiers fight and put their lives at risk for in a distant, forbidding frontier, far from the spotlight; it is also what each one of us, every man and particularly women, experiences while stepping out of home. To the BJP, the concept of security is a dynamic one that has many emerging challenges and opportunities. However, the most important thing for a strong and secure India is a robust economy. No nationalist government at the Centre can avoid paying attention to the Indian economy, as each time we do that we leave India exposed to enemies, both external and internal. High GDP growth and economic development is fundamental to the idea of Indian security. … Read more

Nation First

A firm belief in the ideal that a truly rich and diverse nation like India is optimally united when its people give precedence to their identity as ‘Indians before everything else’ is what led to the birth of the BJP. The party’s staunch commitment to this principle is what has ensured its unparalleled rise to becoming one of the largest, most representative political parties in India. … Read more